Munchkin Farm

Munchkin Farm is currently one of the few farms in Vermont with registered miniature Herefords. These cute little white-face beef cattle grow to an average height of 38 inches instead of the 63 inch average size of large Herefords. Two 600 pound cows may be maintained with the same feed intake as one 1200 pound cow. The result is that 25% more beef can be produced from a given pasture with smaller cattle. They produce twice as many better cuts of meat in a shorter amount of time.

Here at Munchkin Farm, we're dedicated to raising, breeding and selling quality registered miniature Herefords.

We started our farm with 2 "full sized" Herfords, Milkdud and Maggie. Our first encounter of the miniature Herefords was at Micro Chip Acres farm in East Hampton, CT. They had been raising miniature Herfords for ten years. We purchased our first three from this farm, Holly, Gidget and Icy. Holly was the smallest of the three, about twice the size of our St. Bernards.

We built an addition to the garage to use as a barn for the time being. This keeps them warm and dry in the winter until the "big" barn was constructed. Foundation and water line for the barn are in place. After constructing the addition, they didn't want to go in it. They eventually gave into the smell of the grain and came to see the new barn.

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact page and drop us a line!